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Gordon Gee is your drunk uncle

Gordon Gee opened his mouth and embarrassed himself. Again. Everybody is outraged. Again. Why? Aren't we used to this? Gee has spent half of his career with his foot in his mouth, the other half he had both feet in.

In December Gee took to a microphone and ripped Catholics, priests, the SEC and former Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema. None of his insults were funnier than any of the bow-tie jokes that could've been thrown his way. Gee said the things he said in jest, clearly he meant no ill-will. He was screwing around. He just looked like a doofus doing it.

Gee is like your drunk, rich uncle. You need him around for some reasons, you just wish you never had to see him. Or hear him. Or have anybody you know ever find out about him. Gee has helped Ohio State in many non-sports issues, but the only times people pay attention to him is when he's saying something dumb involving sports. He once said TCU only played the Sisters of the Poor. When Jim Tressel was in trouble, Gee claimed "I hope doesn't fire me!" I'll never forget when John Cooper's Buckeyes tied Michigan 10-10 and Gee proclaimed in "one of our greatest victories." Talk about embarrassing.

When Gee does this he's always trying to draw laughs, not criticism. His intent is why I say he shouldn't be ripped to shreds for this. If anything, I'd rip him for not figuring out that after all these years that he's just not very funny.

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