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Cleveland Carmageddon: Captain RTA to the rescue!

Captain RTA! Captain RTA!

The filming of Captain America has created massive traffic tie ups in Downtown Cleveland.

Captain RTA heard commuters cries for help, and took to the streets on Tuesday morning to hand out free RTA passes for the Red Line Rapid, which runs from West 150th to Tower City.

RTA claims that the Red Line can get you to Tower City from the West 150th Street station in just about 17 minutes - Captain America troubles or not.

"He's a good guy, they're just shooting a movie, but I'm here to help the people of Cleveland. He doesn't seem to be concerned with that right now, but I am. I'm going to help you make it downtown, traffic trembles before my tracks!" Captain RTA told 19 Action News.

Whatever the reason, people taking the Rapid, leaving earlier or maybe just looking for alternate routes, Tuesday morning traffic, while not smooth sailing, seemed to be much better than Friday and Monday.

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