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Mother who threatened to blow up son's school avoids jail

Aukenia Mason (Source: Cleveland Police) Aukenia Mason (Source: Cleveland Police)

A mother has been sentenced to house arrest and probation for making threats to blow up her son's school.

Aukenia Mason pleaded guilty to making false alarms and telecommunications harassment. On Tuesday, Judge Daniel Gaul sentenced her to three years probation. The first six months will be under house arrest with electronic monitoring.

Mason had been indicted on a more serious felony charge of inducing panic, but prosecutors would have had to show the school was evacuated or put on lock down and it was not.

On February 21, Mason threatened to blow up Nathan Hale Elementary School on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Cleveland.

Mason was upset that her child was suspended for refusing to complete a class assignment. Mason called the school and threatened to shoot several school staff members as well as threatened to blow up the building.

Police responded and found Mason in a minivan that was parked in a handicap parking space in front of the school.

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