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Judge reads riot act to man who ignored public punishment order

Richard Dameron Richard Dameron

The man who blew off his court-ordered public punishment because he was "drunk" and "didn't have a ride" went before an angry judge on Wednesday.

In March, Judge Pinkey Carr ordered Richard Dameron to serve jail time for threatening to kill police officers and when the time was up, he was to stand outside the 2nd District Police Station with a sign apologizing. The sign said "I was an idiot that day and it will never happen again."

Dameron was ordered to stand outside the station all week, but he didn't show up.

19 Action News Reporter Paul Orlousky successfully tracked Dameron down on Monday, and he was quickly arrested by Cleveland Court Bailiffs.

Dameron was hauled back before Judge Carr on Wednesday, and she was none too pleased. Judge Carr read him the riot act, and sentenced him to another 90 days in jail and ordered him to hold the sign over Labor Day weekend.

"Since you were kind enough to say you could do another 90 days, you will on your parole violation," said Judge Carr. "Actually, I thought about doing 30 or 60, but since you said you could do 90, no problem, sir. 90 it will be, sir. I'm like Burger King. You can have it your way, ok?"

Dameron claimed he didn't show up to his original court ordered punishment because he was drunk and didn't have a ride to the police station.

The judge assured Dameron that if she had to, she'd personally pick him up so he can apologize to the community she says he offended.

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