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Want to clean up baseball? Two strikes, you're out!

Cleveland (WOIO) - So another mess involving the cheaters in Major League Baseball, but a chance for Bud Selig and the powers-that-be to finally get it right.

Forget the possible 100-game suspensions for both Arod and Ryan Braun, two frauds, and former league MVP's. How about a lifetime ban? You want to truly eliminate these performance-enhancing drugs in baseball? How about, two strikes, you're out! The first offense equals a one-year suspension without pay. The second offense? See ya.

For Rodriguez and Braun, these are possible second offenses. Braun, of course, doesn't officially have a suspension on his resume, but only because he got off on a technicality.

The fact is, if there are 20 players on the list that MLB is investigation, there are dozens more who are doing the same thing. And, no doubt, Tony Bosch, the head of the South Florida clinic who was supplying the PED's to these guys is only cooperating now because, after a year of investigating him, they finally got him in a corner. So of course, he's now ready to name names.

But the names on this list have once again tarnished baseball. Many fans don't care. They think it's an old story. But I believe they should care, deeply. No sport is measured and celebrated in stats and history like baseball. Either keep it clean, or stop keeping stats. I choose the former, and the only way to do that is to come down hard. For repeat offenders, that means they're gone.

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