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Is Perez facing MLB punishment?

Cleveland (WOIO) - Those focused on the misdemeanor charge in the Chris Perez situation, and comparing it to a traffic ticket, are missing the point, at least from a baseball standpoint. The real question is, what does Major League Baseball do now?

Under the terms of their drug policy, marijuana is a Drug of Abuse, meaning it's not tested for randomly, like steroids, but can be tested for once the league has reasonable cause. At that point, the league has 48 hours to test. Well, according to the Westshore Enforcement Bureau, Perez admitted to having two separate mason jars containing what was believed to be marijuana, and admitted it's for his personal use. That would certainly seem to leapfrog over the reasonable cause issue, meaning the ball, to mix sports metaphors, is back in MLB's court.

The penalty for a first-time offense concerning a Drug of Abuse is a 15-30 day suspension, and/or fine of up to $10,000. Perez is still on the disabled list with a shoulder injury, but recently resumed throwing.

As for the Indians, General Manager Chris Antonetti released this statement on Friday:

"Clearly we take these matters seriously and are disappointed whenever there is any negative attention brought to the Indians organization or one of our players. We understand and respect that there is an ongoing legal process that we will allow to evolve."

In other words, the Indians will let the legal process play out before issuing punishment, if any.

As for baseball, it remains to be seen if the league office will be as patient.


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