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Economy is a pretty picture for Artists

Art Festival at Crocker Park Art Festival at Crocker Park

It was day two of the art show at Crocker Park in Westlake where local and out of state artists say their work is finally selling again. 

"I've been doing this for 34 years, so I've weathered a lot of recessions and I think this was the worst because there were multiple things that made it slow down," says Andy Smith from Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.  

The economic downturn didn't create a pretty picture for artists whose works are often considered a luxury to buy, but now things seem to be brightening up. 

"People are actually looking to buy whereas before I think they were scared. They were sort of walking around almost numb. That's across the board," describes Smith.

And Smith's higher end pieces have started to sell again.

Artists at the show will tell you that their well being and how well they are doing is very closely tied to of the housing market. 

"With the art shows we are helping people decorate their homes, and so when the housing economy changed it slowed down quite a bit," says Paul James.

But now people are coming out again after purchasing new homes or remodeling. The experts are saying consumer confidence is up and it shows.

"I think people are getting out and spending money. I personally think things are going in the right direction," says Henry Jacques, from Rocky River.  He came to the art show with his wife Betty to look around.

Things aren't completely back to where they were five to seven years ago, but they're getting there.

"I'm a working artist. So to see the economy turn around for me and all of my friends, it's nice to see and it's been a long time coming," says James with a smile and a nod.

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