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Indians should trade....for who?

Cleveland (WOIO) - 15 losses in 19 games heading into Monday, including 7 straight. 11 straight losses on the road. Any way you add up the numbers, they're ugly, and they fuel Indians' fans greatest fear, that another nosedive is underway.

I don't buy it. I can't see a summer freefall for this team. But, there are a few glaring weaknesses, beginning with the starting pitching. So, what's the solution?

It's not as simple as saying "make a trade". For who? Cliff Lee? He's the hottest rumor out there, but there are numerous obstacles at play here. First, both sides have been down that road. Also, Lee has 20 teams on his no-trade list; it's believed the Indians are among the 20, along with some higher-payroll clubs like the Red Sox and Yankees. Finally, he's 34, and owed another 80 million through 2015. That's just not going to happen.

Jake Peavy? Sure, if the Indians could have pulled off the deal before he fractured a rib, and if the White Sox would have moved him within the division.

Then there's the issue of who to trade. Every team wants your top prospects, but who are the Indians developing that jumps off the page and onto the radar? As for current expendable players, are you willing to deal Asdrubal, once he's healthy? How about Carlos Santana?

The trade deadline is July 31st. That leaves the Indians seven weeks to finalize their plans. And, of course, stay in contention in the meantime. I believe they'll do the latter, and if so, must also do the former. It just won't be nearly as easy as the critics believe.


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