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Cleveland mother pleads not guilty to beating child tied to chair

Domonique Jones in court Domonique Jones in court

A Cleveland mother accused of tying her 9-year-old daughter to a chair naked and beating her was in court on Tuesday.

Domonique Jones, 28, pleaded not guilty and her bond was set at $50K. 

On April 22, as a means of discipline, Jones  tied her daughter to a chair using belts. Jones then began whipping the victim with a belt over her entire body, including her face.

Jones had called the father of her children to come over and help discipline the child. The father showed up at the same time as Jones' boyfriend, Joe McCurdy III. When the father saw what was happening he immediately called police. The two suspects continued whipping the child as the victim's 7-year-old brother who was trying to protect his sister.

McCurdy III was arraigned last month and his bond was set at $200,000.

Jones is due back in court on June 24. She is not to have any contact with the victim.

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