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Tebow-mania, here we go again

Tebow-mania has hit Foxboro, even if Bill Belichick does not want to talk about him anymore. The Patriots coach eventually told reporters on Tuesday that they'd talked about him enough and "we have other players." He always was a wet blanket.

I am on both sides of the Tebow debate. I think he's an awful quarterback. Spare me the "all he does is win." I also think he's a good football player. I do think people give him too much credit for the Broncos playoff run two seasons ago, but I won't say he had nothing to do with it. He brings an "it" factor that not every player has. That does not translate to tight spirals, but it translated into something. They went from a train-wreck season to the second round of the playoffs. Again, he didn't do it by himself, but he did contribute.

There are three different reasons for fans liking Tebow. He's won a lot of games, he can make some exciting plays and he's a Christian. There are three different reasons for fans not liking Tebow. They don't like the Florida Gators (and grew to despise him), they're sick of hearing about him or they're sick of hearing about his Christianity. Without trying to be, and without running into trouble or controversy off the field, he's become a very polarizing figure.

Wherever he goes fans will clamor for him to play and ESPN will bring their tent and make it a circus. He can be a distraction. That's not fair to Tebow, but it's the hand he's been dealt. His fans should be free to love him and his detractors free to boo him, but he should be given a fair chance to make the team. If fans and the media make it a circus, they're doing him a disservice. If he looks like a clown throwing passes, that's on him.

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