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Man cycling cross country to raise money for boy without arms


A man who works every day to overcome his own disabilities is cycling thousands of miles across the country to raise money for a little boy born without arms.

Thursday, that cross-country journey brought the cyclist to Tifton with his message to never give up on life.

But cyclist Hector Picard knows that the effort he is putting in makes an even larger statement than the 3,200 miles he is traveling. 

"I'm raising money for a little boy in Spokane, WA born without arms,"says Picard.

That boy's name is Jameson Davis. He is a toddler who inspired Picard, who is a double amputee himself, to put aside his own challenges, hop on a bike and become a catalyst for change.

"I'm on day 6 of my cross country journey," says Picard. "I started in Miami Florida on June 8th and I'll be arriving in Spokane Washington on July 13th."

With each spin of his bicycle wheel, he's helping to eliminate the costs of purchasing and fitting the prosthetics needed for a young child.

To keep up with Hector as he makes his journey across the country go to, you can also make a donation to baby Jameson while visiting the site and buy bracelets supporting the cause.

 Picard is not only hoping to inspire adults to support the cause, he is also hoping that children will catch the spirit of giving early in life.

 "Hector is a reminder of what life is really all about, we wish him well, and we wish baby Jameson well, and all of those that have those types of challenges to meet, it reminds us just how lucky we are," said Tifton/Tift County Fire Chief Michael Coleman.

 Even though the cyclist won't be in Tifton long, he hopes that the message he leaves behind will linger with the community.

 The journey was almost halted when Picard's specially equipped bicycle was stolen right before the trip, but a special foundation helped him to purchase a new one.

 Picard will be speaking on Thursday night at Cross Fit in Tifton.


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