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Conspiracy theories, and the NBA Finals

San Antonio, TX (WOIO) - I'm not a conspiracy guy. I'm not going to say the officials are deciding the NBA Finals, or at the very least, making sure the Miami Heat are around for a few more. But wow, the Commish is certainly getting his wish, because the Spurs and Heat are going 6, and probably 7.

The Spurs looked like they were going to run the Heat off the floor in Game 4 on Thursday night, before the whistles started blowing, and the heads started turning, as most fans wondered which game the refs were watching. Of course, the stat sheet will show you that the Spurs went to the free throw line far more often than the Heat did, but it's not always the amount of fouls's when they're in, momentum-busters.

Take nothing away from the Miami Heat, especially Dwyane Wade, who once again, at the most vital time, rediscovered his game, throwing down 32, and looking like the Wade of old. But that only happens every few games, which means, if I'm the Heat, I can't count on that for Game 5.

But then again, Game 5 belongs to the Spurs. And Game 6 belongs to the Heat. And Game 7? We'll see. IF you believe in conspiracies. Which, again, I don't. Really.


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