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Make the call for Chisenhall

Lonnie Chisenhall is on fire. He's red hot at the plate, and crashing and burning on defense. I barely care about the latter right now, I'm all for a call up if the team thinks he can handle Major League pitching.

In 23 games since being sent to AAA Columbus, Chisenhall is hitting .402. He has homered six times and has driven in 24 runs. He's stuck out 18 times and walked 11 times. Not ideal, but much better than the 22-3 ratio he had going in Cleveland. His pitch selection has obviously improved and his confidence has to be much higher than it was a month ago. If they call him up, it's likely he won't be over thinking things like he was before.

Obviously, the defense is a concern, but they've obviously been OK with his defense in the past. He broke camp with the team and has logged Major League service time before that.  If they were willing to live with it then, when there were questions about his hitting, no reason they couldn't live with it now.

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