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Heat lose this, they're flops

Down 3-2 in the best of seven NBA Finals, the Miami Heat now face two must-win games. Must win to win this title, and must win to not look like failures after three years. Yes, I said it. If they lose this, they'll look like failures. LeBron and his merry men came together to win multiple championships and be a dynasty. One championship after three years doesn't fit that description.  

I've heard the cries of "three straight trips to the NBA Finals are nothing to sneeze at!", or "You can't say that, it's hard to win titles!" So what? It's hard to beat Miami when their best player colludes with the best players on two other teams and gets them to all come together on one team. In almost any series Miami has at least the best two players on the floor, and probably three of the best four. When you have that kind of advantage, one ring in three years doesn't cut it.

I'm sure I'll get called a hater by the LeBron fan boys. I don't give a rip. He quit on my favorite basketball team and then eviscerated them on national television. He did it all to chase rings, not one ring.

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