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Lefty's Legacy

Cleveland (WOIO) - Phil Mickelson may never win a U.S. Open. He's 43, has been the runner-up a record 6 times, and admitted after Sunday's loss that it may just not happen. But will that affect his legacy? Many argue that it does, that our national golf championship is a must for the mantle, and that the lack of one keeps Lefty from truly joining the game's elite. I disagree.

Here is a guy who already owns four major titles, including three at Augusta, and you ask me, I'd take a win at the Masters over a U.S. Open title any day. His most recent green jacket was three years ago. It's not like his game has plummeted. Mickelson also won the 2005 PGA Championship. Unlike the Masters, the PGA won't make up for the lack of a U.S. Open. But four majors puts Mickelson in the discussion, when talking about the best players of this generation.

Phil was never Tiger, but then again, Tiger isn't even Tiger anymore. It's no sure thing that Woods will ever win another major. But on any given weekend, both players, the two greatest players of the past 15 years, can recapture their touch and make a run. Mickelson did it at Merion this past weekend. He didn't finish, but it doesn't take away from his body of work, or tarnish his place in the game.


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