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Editorial: Getting a hold on crime

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On the surface life in parts of Cleveland looks pretty good. There is a new convention center and new construction in The Flats.  A building boom in University Circle and even neighborhoods like Ohio City, Gordon Square and Tremont are prospering.  But underneath this mini-renaissance there is a constant concern by the people who work and live in these neighborhoods—and that concern is crime.

As another mayoral election approaches it's a good time to ask Mayor Frank Jackson what he's doing about it.

Cleveland has once again made the top ten list for dangerous cities in America. In Jackson's seven-years as mayor, the total number of most crimes has declined slightly. But the city's crime rate is still two times higher than the national average.

The problem appears to be not the number of cops but rather their effectiveness. By national comparisons, the police department is well-staffed…but the crime persists. And all the growth in the world won't make the city great if its inhabitants aren't safe.

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate and here's the address. 

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