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Editorial Reply: Mable Kopp

Mable Kopp Mable Kopp
(WOIO) -

I am Mabel Kopp, responding to the Cleveland Foodbank editorial.

Our congressional leaders, misled by the now discredited Reinhart/Rogoff paper…have adopted a policy of "deficit reduction", a specious and economically destructive policy of drastic budget cuts.

The current $21.5 billion in cuts in the house agriculture committee farm bill will take food off the tables of those in need. Severe cuts to the food stamp program cripple food banks already struggling to meet the existing need.  There is no way they can fill the meal gap that will be created by those cuts.

Over 330,000 needy people in our area, when faced with severe cuts to the food stamp program, will have only the stretched resources of the Foodbank.  

The sequester cuts are sending our economy into a death spiral.  Stop this destruction of our economy.  Repeal the sequester now.


Thank you.

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