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Woman robbed by online date: "I'm surprised it happened to me"


An East Texas woman says she found what she thought was a nice person on an online connection site and started dating him, only to find out afterwards that he had stolen from her. A Longview woman, only identified as 'Heather,' was trying to get back into the dating scene.

"I was in a relationship for 15 years, and it ended. Several friends mentioned dating on line," she says.

Heather met a man online who identified himself as 35-year-old Quantae Lamar Simpson of Tyler.

"He was nice. He had a nice smile; he had a job," she says.

Through a dating service called plentyoffish.com,  they began seeing each other.

"She made an online dating connection with the suspect. Went on several dates felt comfortable with him," says Longview police officer Kristie Brian.

So comfortable, Heather invited Simpson to her home.

"We ordered a pizza, hung out. Then I said I had to go to the bathroom, he said I'm going to run to the store right quick. 10 minutes later I thought something was wrong, so I called his phone and it was disconnected that quick. The same number I have been talking to him on for months," Heather says.

Then the realization.

"About 3 hours later I realized my wallet was out of my purse. Wow. He got me," she says.

Simpson allegedly stole cash, credit cards and gift cards, then disappeared and has not been seen since.

"When I reported him to the web site, they deleted his profile immediately and they are investigating him," she says.

It leaves Heather with a bitter lesson.

"I'm surprised it happened to me," she says.

Anyone who knows the man, claiming to be 'Quantae Lamar Simpson,' is asked to call Longview police.

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