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Finally: A break at the pump!

We're finally seeing a break at the pump. Cleveland's average is $3.54 and it's $3.56 in Ohio-- this means we're under the national average of $3.59.

We found gas at $3.19 a gallon.

"I stopped dead. Okay, I'm going in here. I don't care if I have to wait an hour. I'm waiting," said one Ohio driver.

It normally costs a Cleveland woman $75 to fill up. Today it will be less.

These days Arnold Jackson usually doesn't even fill up.

 "I rarely fill up because I'm always looking for a deal. So, if I fill up today and tomorrow it's $2.99 somewhere else I'm wishing I didn't fill up," said Arnold Jackson.

But for right now - things are looking up. So much so that Jackson made a special trip.

"I heard the news it was down so I came down the street and the price is better than it was the last time I got gas," added Arnold.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. That's why so many we talked to told us when you see a price like this, you gotta hit the gas and go for it.

"Actually, I was coming in with a friend. He was coming in right now and I saw the price, so I said, I'm about to jump on that," exclaimed another Cleveland driver.

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