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Abandoned home danger

Janice Schebek  holding bricks that fell on her car from the abandon house next door Janice Schebek holding bricks that fell on her car from the abandon house next door

69- year old Janice Schebek is fed up with the abandoned homes in her neighborhood, at least 10 of them are boarded up on E. 53rd St. in Cleveland, and she has proof that they're dangerous.

Last April three five pound bricks came tumbling off the chimney of the abandon house next door right onto Janice's car parked right in the driveway.

"I was scared. I was angry. I was upset. If that would have hit me in the head. I wouldn't be here," says Schebek.

The bricks broke her front and back car windows and damaged the car roof. Luckily she has insurance, but still had to shell out $250.

She's says she been complaining to the city about the abandoned home next door as well as the one behind her home for several years.

Schebek even called Councilman Anthony Bracatelli to try to get help. "I complained about the house constantly," she says.

Earlier this month Schebek wrote a letter to Mayor Jackson's office about the abandoned home problem, including the 60-foot tree on the property of the abandoned home behind hers.

Schebek says this is the same tree that back in 2005, then Mayor Jane Campbell's office wrote up as being a danger and cited it for removal.

But, 8 years later it's still standing. "My concern is that it's going to fall on me. every time there's a storm I'm paranoid. I've got the dogs leash and me laying by the couch sleeping. I don't ever sleep in my bedroom upstairs cause I'm afraid it's going to fall, says Schebek.

She's afraid this problem is only going to get worse if officials don't fix things fast.

"They all say the same, it's a time process, because it's a zombie house. They can't do anything about it right now. It will take time . How much time do they need? Are they going to wait till it falls," explains Schebek.

Councilman Bracatelli says he contacted another department to handle the tree.

Officials left Janice a form that says the tree has to be on her property and her income has to be a certain amount in order for the tree to be removed.

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