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Man sentenced for fatal carjacking

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Jorge Martinez was sentenced to seven years in prison in the final chapter of a tragic story that could have been prevented on both sides.

Back in September, Buddy Blair grabbed onto his stolen car when he saw it.  The driver, Martinez, sped off then crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree flipping the car.

While his death was preventable, the man responsible for Blair's death was Martinez.

Martinez had the usual variety of excuses about his violent past which included assault and domestic violence.

This was an odd case in that Martinez has an army of support in the courtroom.  The victim, Blair no one, but the judge spoke for him, "How do you make the decision, well I'm under indictment, I'm on bond.  Hmmm.  Here's this Subaru in the street let me go grab it. What are you thinking of?"

Martinez admitted he wasn't thinking, it was a stupid mistake.  A mistake that will cost him the next seven years of his freedom.

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