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Battery Park pedestrian tunnel to Edgewater to reopen

Work crews are putting the finishing touches on the pedestrian tunnel from Cleveland's Battery Park neighborhood to Edgewater Park.  The Battery Park neighborhood has undergone a revitalization itself, now dotted with upscale town homes, residents there will finally get that promised revitalized tunnel access under the West Shoreway to Edgewater Park.  The tunnel was closed three years ago.

"They said they'd shut the tunnel down and revitalize it, but that was three years ago and now, finally, they are just now getting it done," said Battery Park resident James Binion.

The long delay in the project, according to ODOT, the project manager, was due to problems getting a huge retaining wall built to safely hold back the cliff that overlooks the shoreway.

The project now contains a tunnel from Battery Park to a landing area that includes steps and a ramp for disabled access to a second tunnel that leads to the beach.  Edgewater Park itself should be a much nicer and cleaner place to visit now that the Park just recently went under Metro Park management.

"It will be really easy and convenient way for us to get down there, we run, and sometimes I take my dog down there.  I think the new tunnel will definitely be useful for everyone in the area," said Battery Park resident Megan Haniford.

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