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43 FORUM: From believing to doing

True motivation comes from within. This is something inspirational speakers Dr. Rachel Talton and Delores Presley focus on, they strive to inspire others to action.

The African proverb, It's not what you call me, it's what I answer to, is one of Presley's favorites.

The goal is to know yourself and know what you want according to Talton and Presley.

Then do your homework and figure out what you bring to the table.

A big part of getting what you want is getting over the fear of asking for it, and having the courage wait and be silent. It's okay to be silent. Waiting and listening for a response is part of moving forward.

You have a brand. Whether or not you manage or control it, you have one. Everyone does.

A brand is nothing more than a sacred promise that you are making to yourself and the world.

Maintaining a quality brand doesn't mean that you can't have fun. It means you have to be your authentic self and someone that you can be proud of.

If you really want something, believe in yourself, go out, ask for it, do the work, set the goals and take the steps. Make it happen.

Be sure to use all your resources. Social media is an important piece to branding. Use it wisely.

Dr. Talton has a book out called Your Best Life and will be offering a limited attendance executive retreat in late September.  

Delores Presley's book is called Empower. Presley has an inspirational coaching program, called the Up Woman Network that women can complete from anywhere including home.

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