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Mayfair Apartments: A pool with no water

Picture from Jen Verillo's blog Picture from Jen Verillo's blog

With temps soaring, people around Northeast Ohio are looking for ways to beat the heat.  But Jen Verillo had the worst pool party ever.  

"We went to the Dollar store, bought some flotation devices.  We had a pool party with no water in the pool," Verillo said.

Verillo says the pool at Mayfair Apartments was supposed to open Memorial Day weekend, but here it is the end of June and still no pool.

"They told me the owner doesn't really want to pay for it.  I said that's a coincidence because I really don't feel like paying my rent but unfortunately you are going to make me do that and if I'm five days late you are going to charge me extra.  So what about the 30 days late we have going on here," added Verillo.

Verillo was so upset, she even blogged about it.

19 Action News called the number for building management.  So far the response we've gotten has left us high and dry too.

For now, the kids and adults who live there have to go somewhere else to stay cool.

"People have to pay for it to be open and they won't open it, so it's kind of disappointing."

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