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Feeling a Draft

Cleveland (WOIO) - For the second time in three years, the Cavaliers hold the # 1 pick in the NBA Draft, and I can't help but think, if this was the NFL, and the Browns held the top pick, the town would be energized and hyped beyond belief. So, why isn't it like that with this draft? Because most fans don't believe that the draft, in and of itself, will lead their team to an NBA title.

The Miami Heat, of course, are the ultimate example that landing super stars through free agency or trades are what it takes. And the Boston Celtics, creating their own Big 3 by adding K-G and Ray Allen to Paul Pierce, were a strong case themselves.

Which brings me back to the Cavaliers. Whoever they take at # 1 will obviously help their team, especially if it's a big man, even if it takes a year or two. But realistically, how much closer will they be to a playoff spot, much less contending? The better option is to add a star veteran through a trade, or free agency. They've certainly discussed trades, but this draft class may not hold enough value to pull that trade off. And as for free agency, you know the deal. They just don't want to come to Cleveland. At least not yet.

The only thing the Cavs can do is follow their own plan, pick the right guy, and continue to develop this young, strong roster. They can be a dynamic team, on the rise, and while they may not be in the conversation of contenders, they may just play their way onto somebody's radar.

In the meantime, enjoy the NBA Draft. Hopefully, it'll be the last time in a long, long time that they're picking first overall.


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