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Heat rack up $100,000 bar tab

Cleveland (WOIO) - Championship celebrations sure are expensive. After winning Game 7 last Thursday night in Miami, the Heat took their talents over to Story Nightclub, and promptly racked up a $100,000 bar tab. Not to worry. The bar picked up the tab.

"I'm not going to charge the Heat," said David Grutman, the owner of the club. This is the second straight year that Grutman has picked up the Heat's tab. Last year, they celebrated their title at LIV, another one of Grutman's clubs. The tab included 100 bottles of Dom Perignon, which cost about $850 dollars a piece, and three 3-liter bottles of Jeroboams champagne, which cost $5,000 a piece.

Two years ago, when the Dallas Mavericks won the championship in Miami, they also had their after party at LIV. However, they did not have their bar tab picked up. Gutman said that Mark Cuban had a $90,000 dollar bar tab at the end of the night. He said Cuban did not seem to the mind the price, and left a 22 percent tip.

It doesn't stop there. The Heat also had food from one of the popular South Beach restaurants shipped to the club for free. And the champagne you see the Heat spraying all over locker room after the game was very expensive Moet Ice Imperial champagne. The champagne company paid to be the Heat's official sponsor throughout the playoffs. They said that this was the first time this particular type of champagne has been opened.


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