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Editorial: Safety - Key to downtown's success

Downtown Cleveland is a safe place to live, work and play.  That's what downtown boosters and city leaders have been telling us for some time and crime figures seem to back them up.

But two disturbing shootings -just days apart -  have some questioning whether enough is being done to keep crime in check in the heart of the city.

Most troubling is an incident Saturday night - a fight broke out at Club 75 in the shadows of Public Square.  At closing time, the scuffle poured out into a nearby parking lot where a young man was shot and killed.

Now, it was just two years ago that another club, at the same site, was shut-down after three bar patrons were seriously injured in a shootout. With so much at stake, with the opening of the new convention center and thousands of visitors expected here for the senior games, it's important that authorities adopt a stricter policy for handing out liquor licenses to these constant trouble spots.  

Write and let me know what you think.   I'm Bill Applegate.

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