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Family remembers hero teacher

(SOURCE: Family) (SOURCE: Family)
(SOURCE: Family) (SOURCE: Family)

Huntington Beach, June 25 last year was a day that began with excitement and fun and ended tragically. 

Laura Recco, 46, went  there with her students from the Hopewell Day Treatment Center.  They were celebrating the end of the school year when suddenly the wind kicked up and the waves became fierce.

"As soon as my mom realized what was happening, she was trying to get all the kids out, and then she realized one of the students she couldn't see anymore," said Angelica Gagliardi.

Recco went in after 9-year-old Diamond Harris.  Two others including a lifeguard were injured trying to help with the rescue.  Everyone survived but Recco.  

"Once they pulled her put they tried to resuscitate her for 45 minutes," Gagliardi said.  Recco died two days later.  Many of her students attended her funeral.

"She treated every one of those kids like her own and made sure that they were going to succeed to the best of their abilities when they were with her," Gagliardi said.

Angelica and her sister Kailee recently returned to Huntington Beach to place flowers in the water in her memory, "She did what she had to do and she ended up saving the little kids.  That was her goal."

"She was my hero... Our hero," said her other daughter, Kailee Recco.

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