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Chris Grant? Genius, or clueless?

Independence, OH (WOIO ) - Chris Grant is either three steps ahead of every other G.M. in the NBA, or ten steps behind, because for the third straight year, he has stunned the basketball world by drafting a player much higher than anybody else had him slotted.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised. The Cavs clearly loved Anthony Bennett, and were also likely scared off a bit by the injuries to Alex Len and Nerlens Noel. But think about it. Tristan Thompson. Dion Waiters. Now Anthony Bennett. All top five picks. All shockers.

If they turn out to be stars, well, then, Grant is a genius. If they turned out to be just average, well, then, he's clueless, because they were taken at a crucial time when the Cavaliers desperately needed an influx of serious talent.

But give Grant this: he sticks to his guns, and he's going to succeed or fail on his true beliefs.


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