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Hope for Taylor: Search for missing Akron teen gains support


The music in a small chapel in Akron hides the pain and uncertainty brought by the disappearance of a young woman, gone now for some eight weeks.

"My child has yet to come home, imagine how I feel," said Carmella Robinson.

19 year old Taylor Robinson hasn't been seen May 3. 

Friday night's event is called Hope for Taylor. It is the third such gathering since her disappearance but this one goes further than the others. TIt was also a fundraiser. Organizers want to gain support and hire a private investigator.

Taylor was last seen being dropped by her mother off at a home in the 700 block of Kipling Avenue, where she works as a home healthcare aide.

The next morning all that remained were Taylor's coat and shoes.

Taylor's mother says she is encouraged by the story of the three missing women in Cleveland who were found after a decade.

"Me being a mother I have to be as strong as Gina's mother was," said Ms. Robinson. 

Police initially wanted to speak with Taylor's estranged boyfriend but have since run out of leads. The FBI has also joined but it too seems to be at a standstill.

"My baby is alive and she's coming home," added Ms. Robinson.

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