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Dramatic drop in gas prices, but will it last through the holiday?

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Just in time for the weekend, gas prices in northeast Ohio made a dramatic drop -- but will they stay down  or go back up just in time for the fourth?

For now the prices at the Gas and Go on West 25th near Marvin Avenue had drivers pulling right in to fill up.

"$3.12 a gallon. And I'm on my way home. So perfect timing for me," said Rich Estremera.

"What caught your eye here," asked Reporter George Smith.

"The price. It was $3.12. So I pulled in to get me some gas," said Mary Marshall.

$3.12 a gallon is a very nice price considering just a few weeks ago, a gallon was around $4 or even higher.

"$3.12. Pull over. Come on we gotta go fill up. As soon as gas drops, you know you gotta fill up," said Mike Izzat. 

The average gas price in our area right now is $3.33 It was almost .40 higher one month ago when the average price was $3.70.

19 Action News found gas as low at $3.02 a gallon in several places. With the July 4th holiday coming up, some drivers were filling up just in case the prices start rising again.

"Gotta gas up to do our little traveling on the fourth. Just around here," added Mary Marshall.

The drivers we spoke with don't expect the dip in gas prices to last.

"They like playing with our pockets," said Mike Izzat.

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