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Terrifying home invasion in Cleveland, police investigating

Home invasion scene on Clermont Home invasion scene on Clermont

Cleveland Police are investigating a terrifying incident that happened on Clermont Friday night around 11 p.m.

Police say a 25-year-old female arrived home and while exiting her vehicle in her driveway with her 2-year-old son, she was approached by a male with a gun who demanded money.

"She had to be terrified you know somebody inside your home", says neighbor Harold Anderson.

The woman stated that she did not have money and according to a police report he then led her inside of the home while another suspect took the child from her.

She was led into the home at gunpoint by multiple male suspects.

Another concerned neighbor said, "That's a terrifying thing to be held at gun point and your child taken from you at the same time."

Once the female was inside a 23-year-old male arrived home. The suspects then demanded money from him, pistol whipped and shot him.

Police say the suspects then ransacked the home.

Residents say the area has seen a change for the worse, "They've been breaking into houses right and left around here."  They also say they prepared to protect themselves. "I am going to blow them away if they come in my house and I am home. I mean it," says Patricia Scott-Allen.

Police say there are five suspects and the description of them is limited.  They are in their 20s and all were wearing black clothing and had their faces covered with bandanas.

The 2-year-old child was located in his mom's vehicle unharmed next to a second child who was in the car sleeping during the incident.

The male victim was shot in the buttocks and grazed by a bullet on the back of his head and is being treated at a local hospital.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the fifth district detective bureau at 216-623-5518.

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