Nothing is over until we say it is!

There is a reason they say baseball is not a sprint, it's a marathon. They say it because it is true. It can be hard to remember that sometimes when you get caught up in the emotion of a frustrating slump, but you have to keep in the back of your mind that "this too shall pass."

Remember a few weeks ago when the Indians lost to the Tigers in a game where Justin Masterson was beaten by a guy making his Major League debut? That's when I started to hear from some that the season was over. Huh? It was June 9th! Unless you're 20 games back, you're season is not over on June 9th, no matter how bad you're playing at that particular time.

The Indians have since come roaring back. After Sunday's win they were tied for first place with Detroit. This team is good enough to give us a summer. I don't know if they'll give us an October, but they're good enough to at least have us thinking about it. Enjoy that. Savor it. It's why baseball is our daily summer soap opera. There's always something happening. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's torture. But when it's torture, don't quit! Because before you know it things will probably reverse themselves again. Stay in it for the long haul. Hey, the Browns don't start camp for another month. What else do you have to do?