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Cleveland Councilman targets more downtown clubs

Club Anatomy, downtown Cleveland Club Anatomy, downtown Cleveland
Tops & Bottoms, downtown Cleveland Tops & Bottoms, downtown Cleveland

19 Action News has learned a Cleveland councilman is going after another downtown night club, and more could be targets.

This comes as there's a spotlight on violence around bars in the heart of the city.

Councilman Joe Cimperman says he's going after the liquor license of Tops & Bottoms, a topless club near the ballpark. It could be forced to close for good. A few months ago, police responded to a shooting outside, and later, a severe beating inside.

Cimperman is also taking a hard look at Tomo on West 9th, and next door, Club Anatomy.  

"Because we want people to know with all the investment happening downtown, the casino, and everything else, that people are safe and that we are committed to keeping downtown a safe place to visit," said Councilman Joe Cimperman.

Downtown night club trouble has been in the headlines because of a murder last month outside Lounge 75. The landlord made that place close.

The councilman says he has concerns about Tomo because of questions about music and an overall operating agreement. Anatomy made headlines in February because of a violent melee.

Vladimir Lucic, the owner of Tomo, says, "We all work hard to make city of Cleveland a better and stronger place. Politicians do everything to destroy this country."

Cimperman tells 19 Action News that he plans to take the first steps to go after the liquor license of Tops & Bottoms next week.

Decisions on the other clubs will come within the next few weeks.

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