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Source sheds light on life inside Castro's house or horrors

Ariel Castro in court on kidnapping, rape charges Ariel Castro in court on kidnapping, rape charges

What was it like in the home where Ariel Castro is charged with holding 3 women hostage for year after year?

He was in court Wednesday morning, but that didn't shed a lot of light on what it was like. 

However, sources close to the case paint what they call a horrific situation.

Much of the evidence removed from Castro's home is in the custody of the FBI. 

There isn't a lot left to see inside, but before moving anything 800 pictures were taken of the house of horrors, and we've learned they depict just that, horror.

Years of pizza boxes strewn about, baby food remaining from when the daughter Castro fathered with Amanda Berry was an infant.  She is six years old now. 

Castro a hoarder, maybe a better term is pack rat.

Castro entered again without eye contact with anyone.  His request to see his children, odd in a way because he included Berry's daughter from his forced sex with her.

"You want me to readdress the issue of contact with your child," asked Judge Michael Russo. 

"Yes my," Castro started.  

"Are you referring to the minor child?" asked the judge.  

"Yes, please," Castro replied.  

"I won't be allowing that," said Judge Russo.

For the first time there was a slight legal squabble over access to evidence the FBI has.

"We have been given the opportunity to go to the FBI and get some information and review it but it's not acceptable to Mr. Weintraub and myself your honor.  It is interfering with our ability to prepare for trial," said Castro's attorney.

Castro's attorney may be referring to getting physical copies of tapes of an FBI witness expert interviewing the three victims, not just viewing them at the FBI.

Castro will be in court again later this month for what is certain to be another session to make sure everyone is on the same page and the case is moving along as it should. 

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