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Alert: Beware of Gallinippers (Mega Mosquitoes)

"Attack of the giant mosquitoes"-- sounds like something out of a horror flick -- but it's not so far from the truth!

Health experts are warning about an invasion of mega mosquitos that can grow to be 20 times the size of a typical bug.

"I think it's alarming when you see one," said Dr. Susan Rehm of the Cleveland Clinic.

Seeing a mega mosquito can really put you into a panic. This monster size pest grows to about an inch long, much bigger than the mosquitos we normally see or heard buzzing around our heads.

"But you need to realize that first of all they like animals better than they like humans to bite, so to speak, and secondly they don't actually carry the diseases that normal mosquitoes usually carry," added Dr. Rehm.

They are called Gallinippers and even though they are not found here in northeast Ohio, don't think they can't get to you. If you travel you could run into these bloodsuckers-- who don't hesitate to bite right through clothing.

"The bites themselves are annoying, they may be itchy, they may be a little bit painful, but unless they become infected on top of that, the bite itself is not the issue," Dr. Rehm said.

Gallinippers have black and white striped bodies, so they're easy to spot. Dr. Rehm says take the normal precautions to decrease the risk of getting bitten.

Use insect repellent with deet in it. With all this wet weather expect more bites this summer.

The only good news is they typically target cows-not people, but when they do go for our blood their bites are more painful than your typical mosquito.

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