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Pope John Paul II to become modern day saint

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The Vatican has announced that Pope John Paul II will be soon declared a saint, less than a decade after his death.

Pope John Paul II was a huge attraction during his time as pope from 1978 to his death in 2005.  People attending mass at St. John's Church in Cleveland believe sainthood was always a possibility for this pope.

Don Miller of Cleveland says "It seems a little bit soon.  I trust the church their judgment. There has to be a miracle.  So those probably would not have occurred if he wasn't a saint.

Two miracles have been confirmed.

The first miracle approved in 2010.  Sister Marie Simon Pierre, a French nun, who's order prayed to the pope, says she was cured of Parkinson's Disease.

Miracle number two?  In Coasta Rica a woman says she recovered from a severe brain injury thanks to Pope John Paul.

Sharee Dorsey of Cleveland says "I think it's nice.  It's been a long time since it happened.  It's a great thing."

Critics say John Paul did suffer through some rough times for the Catholic church.

13 years ago sex abuse scandals involving thousands of priests were exposed.  They involved more than 16,000 victims and cost the church 2.6 billion dollars.

John Paul was the third longest serving pope in history and died at the age of 84.

He will now become the latest pope to become a saint since 1954.

Debbie Finomore of Chardon, Ohio says "It's a wonderful idea.  He was a holy and wonderful man and it can't be soon enough. The miracles are coming and God bless him."

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