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This isn't just another series

The Indians had only beaten Detroit twice going into the series. It's clearly a trend that needs to stop.

I don't care if it's early July, this is a big series with Detroit. As far as I'm concerned, every series with them is big because these games are the only times during the year that the Indians have direct control over gaining ground in the division. Other times they can only control their game, but need somebody else to beat the Tigers. Not on these nights! By the end of the night you've either gained or lost a game.

There's another aspect here, it is a rivalry. When Indians players and coaching staff say it's "just another series," it drives fans crazy.  It's the same as when a new guy gets hired by the Browns and he refuses to call the Steelers game anything more than "1-of-16" games. No it's not. Tribe fans and Tiger fans don't particularly get along during baseball season. We've never done well with the Michigan folks. There's the obvious Ohio State-Michigan rivalry, as a Cavs fan I've never minded with the Pistons were terrible either.

These games are big. They're big in the standings and big for the fan base. Stop saying it's just another series, and while you're at it, win the series. That's another change of pace we wouldn't mind.

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