Bullpen options? Umm....

Bullpen options? Umm....

The Indians need to tweak their bullpen, but I'm not sure how good the options really are for them right now.

For the time being, I'm fine with Chris Perez closing. He's had some health and legal issues, but if the shoulder is finally healed, he should be fine in this role.

As far as the 8th inning, I might start pulling names from a hat. Vinnie Pestano was death on 8th inning batters for years. He's gone from being the Grim Reaper on offenses, to just having things look grim. His velocity is down, his hits, walks and runs allowed are up.

Joe Smith? He looked like a great option until a few days ago.  He's given up three runs in his last two outings and five runs in his last six. He's not awful, but he's not that warm security blanket we were used to.

How about Cody Allen in the 8th inning? He's given up three runs in his last five outings, including three solo homers.

If I had a gun to my head, I'd probably go with Joe Smith in the 8th and move Pisano to the 7th, keep using Cody Allen wherever you think you need him.

The pen was the strength of this team when the year started. They are now a liability. The fact that Chris Antoinette might have to actually trade for bullpen help is an absolute disgrace, as far as I'm concerned, but he might have to. These guys have been more of a problem than a solution. They need to get it together.