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Food Stamps to feed four legged friends

There is a new program geared at helping people going through a tough time feed their pets for free.

"I think it's beneficial for those who need it," says Howard Burrage of Cleveland.

"Pet Food Stamps" is a non-profit organization that assist pet owners who are less economically fortunate.

People who are currently receiving public assistance through the government aren't allowed to use those funds to buy food or supplies for their pets.

Ayse Dunlap with the Cleveland APL says more than 25-percent of the animals in their shelter are there because pet owners have fallen on hard times.

She says a non-profit program like pet food stamps could really make a difference. "Because your on food stamps or just because your experiencing some hardship does not make you a bad pet owner, doesn't mean that you don't have any less love to give that animal than somebody whose not experiencing hardship," says Dunlap.

The average cost to feed a cat for a month can run up to $40 dollars.

Those who are currently receiving public assistance can apply to the pet food stamps program by going online and proving they get government assistance, they are eligible for free pet food for 6-months.

Because the demand is so high, it could take up to 2 months after filing out an application to get a response.

After receiving 6-months worth of free pet food you can reapply.

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