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Is criticism of Urban Meyer warranted?

Cleveland (WOIO) - As more and more details come out concerning former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, and his murder charge, it's interesting to see who else is taking heat. Included are two of his former coaches, Bill Belichick and Urban Meyer, and Meyer, Hernandez' college coach, seems to be under the heaviest fire.

Was it Meyer's responsibility to deal with Hernandez while at the University of Florida, and by that I mean, boot him from the team? Hernandez was a problem child at the time, and Meyer had to know who and what he was dealing with. And yet, the critics claim, visions of more national titles were far more important to Urb than cleaning up a program that saw 31 arrests, of 25 players, during Meyer's five-year run.

It's tough to argue that criticism, but then, we're right back into the hypocrisy of big-time college football, where coaches are paid to win, not teach, and the noblest of men are quickly shown the door once they fall from 11-1 to

7-5. All of a sudden, when you're playing in a mediocre bowl game, character issues seem far less important to the fan base.

I'm not excusing Meyer for keeping Hernandez on the team. Clearly, he knew, just as Belichick knew, what kind of guy they were dealing with. And they looked the other way. But Meyer didn't invent the current system, and dynamics, of Division 1 football powerhouses. He just participated in it. And in the end, neither Meyer, not the system, did Hernandez any favors.


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