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Ware continues comeback from gruesome injury

Louisville, KY (WOIO) - When Louisville guard Kevin Ware gruesomely broke his right leg during an Elite Eight game against Duke earler this year, his basketball career was the least of his worries. Now, Ware is on his way to one of the most improbable comebacks in college sports history.

Cardinals coach Rick Pitino said Tuesday that Ware could possibly be back on the court by October. The standout guard surprised his fans earlier in the month when he began shooting small jump shots for the first time in months, and he continues to impress in rehabilitation.

"He's just riding the bike and you can almost see from the X-rays the bone healing," Pitino said. "I'd say, in another month he'll be healed and then he'll start working out a little bit."

Ware will be a Junior this upcoming academic year. He recently helped his team win the 2012-2013 NCAA championship.

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