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Rockets Fined $150,000 for commenting on Dwight Howard deal

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The Houston Rockets fined $150,000 for publicly commenting on Dwight Howard deal. There's a reason you haven't seen a press conference with Dwight Howard holding up a Houston Rockets jersey, or similar events involving other free agents.

Once free agency in the NBA officially begins after midnight on July 1, there is a moratorium period in place where teams may negotiate with each other and with available free agent players, but no contracts may be signed.

Since technically none of the deals made during this period are official until the ink on a contract has dried, team personnel are prohibited from publicly discussing anything that has been agreed upon during this time.

That's the rule and the reasoning behind the substantial fine handed down to the Houston Rockets on Tuesday from the league office. The Rockets organization just got a little too carried away in all of the excitement surrounding Howard's decision. But after committing in the neighborhood of $88 million to him over the next four years, another $150,000 probably won't sting all that much.

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