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U of A deadly force usage justified


Summit County Prosecuting Attorney Sherri Bevan Walsh today released her office's finding that University of Akron Police Officer Aaron Burnette did not violate any Ohio statutes in the May 16 shooting death of 64-year-old James Genda.

"After reviewing the reports of investigation by officers from the University of Akron Police Department and the Akron Police Department, recorded interviews with witnesses and family members of James Genda, Bureau of Criminal Investigation lab reports and video and audio recordings of the shooting, my office has determined that Officer Burnette was justified in believing Mr. Genda posed a significant threat," said Prosecutor Walsh. "I'm sure this has been a very difficult, emotional time for both Officer Burnette and Mr. Genda's family. My thoughts are with all of them."

Ohio law allows an officer to use deadly force when he has reason to believe he is in danger of serious physical harm or death. Based on statements Genda made to family members and his actions and statements during this traffic stop, Officer Burnette's use of deadly force was justified.

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