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Storm Damage Reports

Tree down from Wednesday's storm Tree down from Wednesday's storm

Here is a list of some damages and safety precautions to be aware of because of the severe storm.


On the east side of City Hall there is some roof damage. There are no injures at this time.

The Cleveland Division of Police is experiencing a number of calls for downed lines:

Remember never touch, move or go near any downed or hanging lines.

If you come across a wire that doesn't look right to you, it is always best to dial 9-1-1 or your local utility. Cleveland Public Power's Trouble Line can be reached by calling 216-664-3156 and CEI can be reached at 888-544-4877.

Never touch, move or go... near a line, whether it is downed or hanging.

Do not put your feet in water where a downed line is laying.

Do not try to move tree limbs.

If you see someone who has come into contact with a downed line, do not touch them, again call 9-1-1.

If a line comes down on your car stay inside, roll down your window and warn others to stay away. Call authorities or ask a passerby to call authorities. The only time you should exit a vehicle with a downed line on it is if it has caught fire. If the vehicle is on fire, open the door and jump with both feet together to avoid contact with the car. It is metal and therefore you could receive a shock.

Adults should share this information with children of all ages and make sure they are aware of the dangers!

Portage County:

People are displaced from their homes due to flooding in their homes and severe storm damages on Aurora East in Streetsboro.

There was a fire caused by the storm at an oil well on RT. 82

Mennonite Road is completely flooded

There is a tree completely blocking off RT. 82 the Sheriff suggests residents reroute from RT 82.

Lorain County:

Wires down in Sheffield Lake.

Summit County:

Standstill on 77 due to storm damages and some exits closed off due to flooding.

Ridgewood Road is flooded and a car is stuck in the middle of the flood.

Most of us were impacted by the weather that rolled through our area earlier this evening, but do you know what to do if you cross a road that is flooded?  Don't drive through standing water, TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN! Find an alternative route. 

Summit County Flood tips: 

If your vehicle stalls, get out!  Go to higher ground.  Remember that a car can float in two feet of water.

When walking, do not attempt to cross in flowing water or streams.  Remember that it takes only six inches of rushing water to knock an adult off their feet.

Don't let children play in standing  or rushing water.  Be aware of the possible hidden dangers in or under the water, possible drains, electrical power, etc.

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