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43 Forum: Mayoral Candidate, Ken Lanci

Choices become a big part of our lives.

Mayoral candidate Ken Lanci has made a decision to get involved in politics after a profound moment in his life brought on when he experienced cardiac arrest. He felt it was his time to give back for the greater good of all. The Mayoral position specifically interests Lanci because it strongly influences education, an area he felt needed the most help in the city.

There are 44,000 children in the Cleveland district currently.  Mr. Lanci wants to implement a policy in support of education using an initiative he speaks about titled The Project Love Model. This model would create mentorship programs between Cleveland city employees, and children within the Cleveland City schools.

Ken Lanci, a businessman in town, made a choice to move to Cleveland and run in the Mayoral election. Lanci says his heart is in Cleveland, the city where he has grown and incubated businesses.

Now, in this upcoming election the Cleveland voting public has a choice to make in the Mayoral election.

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