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Monta Ellis fires agent

NBA free agency is in full swing with big names such as Dwight Howard already off the market and many other stars closing in on new deals. Monta Ellis, however, is still looking for offers and he is not very happy about it at all.

On Wednesday, the Milwaukee Bucks guard fired his agent Jeff Fried due to a lack of lucrative offers. With athletes like Tiago Splitter and Andrew Bynum picking up contracts worth over $10 million a year, Ellis hopes to also cash in on the signing mayhem. The former most-improved player of the year opted out of the sixth and final year of his contract worth $66 million at the end of the 2012-2013 season.

Ellis averaged 19.2 points per game last season for the Bucks and recently turned down a contract extension worth three years and $36 million. Sources say he hopes for a deal worth around $10 million a year. The Bulls, Knicks, Mavs, Kings and Bobcats all have interest in the guard.

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