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Editorial Response: Kurt Niece

I am Kurt Niece responding to Diane Stover's guest editorial.

It's far too easy to reduce the one-man/one-woman marriage debate to an issue of faith. No one argues faith.

Life without hope or faith would be unbearable.  But faith is not the suspension of reason and certainly, faith can't replace reality or facts.

One-man/one-woman did not apply to the Old Testament prophets as some from the religious right would like to imply.

Polygamous marriage was the rule, not the exception. Clearly times change as societies evolve, and our society is in the midst of yet another collective leap.

One-man/one-woman rhetoric is about procreation, not marriage. With that, it bears understanding that gay people procreate, too. But with us, having children is a deliberated choice. It's never an accident. 

The straight community could benefit from embracing and learning from the LGBT community. Our marriages, our values and our children are no less blessed.    

Thank you.

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