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Editorial: Clerk's Office $23 million mistake

If some benevolent soul slipped a $20 bill in your pocket, it wouldn't take but a minute to discover your newfound riches.

So why did it take Cuyahoga County's Clerk of Courts office decades to discover tens of millions of dollars of unclaimed funds sitting in its coffers?  Twenty-three million dollars to be exact, money that was owed to citizens for refunds for court fees and bond payments.

Now, the oversight was discovered by current Clerk of Courts, Andrea Rocco. She's the same eagle-eyed public official who recently uncovered another boneheaded practice of her predecessor, Gerald Fuerst.  Fuerst, before he retired, wasted hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars by sending certified mail to other agencies at the Justice Center including the clerk's office itself.

Those owed the unclaimed funds will get their money back. But this latest fiscal fiasco in the clerk's office makes you wonder what other public money has been mishandled in years past. 

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate.

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