Puig an All Star? No way!

Dodgers rookie Yasiel Puig did not make the All Star Game. Hooray for the voting fans that were sharp enough to figure out he didn't belong.  Atlanta's Freddie Freeman earned the final NL All Star spot over Puig. Freeman is batting .307 with nine home runs and 56 RBI this season. Puig is hitting .396 with eight home runs, he's driven in 19. Puig has been in the Major Leagues since June 3rd. That's it.

Puig's candidacy was reflective of our society "what have you done for me lately, and how flashy can you be when you do it." If you're on SportsCenter a lot, there is a group of fans that think you're All Star worthy. That is insane.

Puig has had one good month. He has not even had enough time to fail. If one month makes a guy an All Star, Mark Reynolds should be there for his work in April. Reynolds has been lousy since then, you know why? Because he's played a legitimate Major League season to this point. He's been red-hot and has also been ice cold. He's had time to have ups and downs. It's not Puig's fault that he wasn't here earlier in the year, but that doesn't mean he should be rewarded for one month of heavy lifting either.

To ignore the fact that the league has not even had time to adjust to him is overlooking a major aspect of baseball, the marathon that it is. Just as the season isn't a spring, neither can your All Star candidacy. How many times have we seen a guy put up a great first half, and then lose out on an All Star bid to a more established veteran? I'm not saying that's always right, but I see why it happens. People feel like they need to see more out of the kid before giving him the nod over the known product.

Freeman is not a savvy veteran by any means, but he's put up two good seasons before this one and is now having a career year. Puig has been the red-hot flavor of the month. That's not to say he won't turn into a great player, it's just too early to throw too many bouquets his way.